Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back to School

I won't chat long because we're wrapping up day 3 of this year's school season. 
It's went really well and I'm praying that it's a precurser for what lies ahead this year. 
Not as much resistance from my son as in years past. 
I keep telling myself that there will still be tough days,
but overall I can see the fruit of perseverance and persistence paying off as the kids get older. 
There is absolutely no other schooling option that I would choose for my family. 
But over the years, I have been in those moments where I felt why some parents would throw in the towel. 
It's a full time job on top of all the other responsibilities of being a mother, wife, taking care of the house and animals, plus for some an added part time job to top it off. Yet, with all the things pulling at me, 
I would never ever in a million years or for a million dollars give up this time teaching and training my kids. 
It's a blessing beyond words!

Here's something that I ran across and thought was a good reminder that all of our kids learn differently and it's our responsibility to teach them accordingly.

Bookworms - right at home in a bookish environment.
Treeclimbers - can't sit still at a desk.
Daydreamers - can't complete a workbook in the given amount of time. 
Cuddlers - don't care what you know till they know how much you care. 

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