Saturday, April 25, 2015

Time flies!

I am a blogger.
No I'm not.
It's been over two years since I posted last.
That is unreal. I thought it had been like 10 months. Not even a full year. Yet in reality, it's been two years and five months.
How does time fly so fast?
Isn't that how life goes
I look at my kids growing and wonder how it's all going down like this. But, I know that we are here but only for a moment.

Reagan is now 10!

Javon is now 12!

How we use those moments are what matter. 
Tonight as I sit in bed, cuddled with my dog, and the kids are away at Nana's having a sleepover,         I remind myself that words matter. Things I say matter.

Words I type matter.

Since I'm being so matter of fact, ;-) words I think really make all the difference in the world becuase out of the mouth flows the things of the heart.

Words that I read matter.

Words that I hear are influencers as well.

And the odd thing, is that words that I write are significant as well. I find that when I pen things, somehow a different part of me comes to life. One that, honestly, I like better than the one without this putting down words on paper or a screen.
Why is that? I'm not sure.
Perhaps it's letting out things that would otherwise remain inside. thus making room for more things to fill me up. More of Jesus is my desire. Yes, that's it. The more I give out. Whatever that looks like - time, talents, words, love - the more room that I have for Jesus to fill me up and be used again.
I'm going with that. :-)
Hope to do this again before two years come and go.

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