Tuesday, May 29, 2012

If you could only teach three lessons???

Recent Facebook post:

"If you could pick just three lessons to teach your children what would they be?"

Today's family lesson. I know there's a lot to learn in life, but these were the three things we focused in on today.:) 

  • Love God passionately. 
  • Work hard and always try your best. 
  • Be polite/respectful to everyone. 

Here's the responses I receieved: 

  • Love, forgive and don't judge!!!;))
  • Follow the laws (God's and the land's), Rise Above, Stay True.
  • Always have faith, never lose hope,and to always share God's love with everyone.
  • Fear the Lord, fear the Lord , fear the Lord.
  • Always run to God. Respect others.  Be kind.
  • To love God with all their heart, mind and spirit. To love one another and yourself. Biblical diligence.
  • 1.To have a realtionship with God not a religion. 2. the order of the family: God (Him first and your relationship with Him); Hubby (your marriage according the the Word); children (raising them as servants of the Lord so when they get older they will not depart from it, hopefully raising them to be stroinger spiritually when they leave the home than I was) and then everything else comes into play, but if you mess the first three up then everything gets messed up. 3. To live the Word of the Lord in all you say and do is the greatest ministery anyone can have and to do that you have to know the Word of God and prayer.
I thought all of these were great answers! 

What would your three lessons be if that's all you could teach your children?

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