Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Blessing your family through food...part 1

Ok ladies, food is not my gift.
It's not that I don't like to EAT food. I simply don't have a passion to MAKE food. :-)
However, I have gone through different seasons of life where I've gotten on healthy kicks
and other times where I've slipped and eaten way too much fast food.

You can ask my extended family though....
I rarely allow JUNK food into my home. (Everyones definition of JUNK food is different! Mine are chips, cookies, cupcakes, sweets, candybars, anything but 100% fruit juice, white bread, and soda. I know that's just the tip of the iceburg, but it's a start.) I figure if it's there, we'll eat it. So why buy it???

I could go a long time on this topic, but won't because I don't have a "long time". :-)
I am not a health food queen by any stretch of the imagination, but I try to buy whole wheat instead of white.
No soda or chips at home. We do splurge if we are out somewhere and it's available like at a church workday etc.

My two main lifestyle food tips are:

  1. Don't drink my calories.
  2. Don't eat deep fried food.
I try to use those two models to guide me. 

My daughter and I just went to the farmers market and picked up a few green items and my son and I went to Trader Joes and found a beautiful selection for inexpensive. He said that it's his new favorite store. One of the most difficult things for me (as well as many of you probably) is that I do not have a large food budget. It's actually quite small. The realtity is that highly processed, junk food is often much cheaper than fresh, healthy food. But I've really been trying to take some extra time going to a few different stores and finding things that I can afford and that are good for us. 

None of my family are big vegetable eaters. I blame myself for that! Remember, what you cook regularly is what they get used to. :-/ Well, my son likes veggies far better than meat, but trying new things isn't on his priority list. 

Here's a great link up to Good Morning Girls about blessing our family through food. Check it out!

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Proverbs 31:12-14 Work with eagar hands to provide clothing and food for your family!

Proverbs 31:15-16

I'll be back with some more thoughts on food.....
Feel free to post any thoughts or what you "food motto" you live by at your home. :-)

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  1. Our food motto pretty closely resembles yours. I figure if it's not in the house we can't eat it:)
    I'm trying to get mine to try different veggies and trying new ways to make them..I've had some success, but getting my younger one to even try them is the biggest challenge for me.
    He's a visual person, so I really have to make those veggies look good:)