Thursday, June 28, 2012

Our plans or God's plans?

Meet Cassidy Aaron

She is 18-
Just graduated high school after homeschooling most of her life -
Is pursuing Jesus -
Loves her family and others - 
Has a very big heart - 

Enjoy as she shares a bit of what God has been doing in her life....
Finally! Done with school! 
So excited to see what God's plan is for me and at the same time wish 
I was a seven year old girl again:)

Senior year is the year you are constantly asked.. What are you doing next?

 What college are you going to? Eek! Can be a scary thought, huh?! 

A year ago I would have told you... Oh MY plan is to take Criminal Justice and paramedic classes as soon as possible in the fall. 

God did a real work on my heart though!

 My life is God's. Not mine!

 I knew God was just yelling this at me and I knew in my heart that I wanted to give a year of my life at a Bible college to see if becoming a cop is God's plan or if there is something else God is wanting for me.

So many times we all pray for God's will,
 but yet we don't want to take that step of faith and just be a little crazy and trust in Him.

 Well I have decided I want to take that leap and obey Him!

 My mom and I instantly started looking into one year christian Bible colleges
 (ministry and missions focused programs) and I know this was the right decision.
 Because God has given me such a peace about this upcoming year. 
I know He will be doing so many incredible things with this girl:) 

Much bigger and better things than what I had planned for this Fall.

 I know that some people will not understand this choice and think it's a waste,
 but to me giving one year of my life to see what God's purpose for my life is for an entire lifetime is NO waste to me.

 I know God will close and open all the doors to get me where He wants me
 and one of my main goals in life is to be used by Him and find what His plan is and if that be a cop I WILL be taking my criminal justice and paramedic classes the following year.
 That's where I also need to remember that there are always
 seasons in life and we can never rush God!

 If we do we will miss out on so many other opportunities and adventures He has for us!

As I would say... I am so pumped for this amazing year 

and I know I can do all things through Christ which

strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13

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  1. I know back in March you were thinking about whether you were going to take a year "off" and seek God and see where He will take you. I think the ONLY regret you will have is if you DON'T take this amazing opportunity to be in His Presence and focused on His work and His plan. A year is NOTHING when looking at the rest of your life. What an amazing gift you have been given to be able to experience this at such a young adult age.

    You are an AWESOME young woman Cass!