Monday, June 18, 2012

Who's the cook?!

The weirdest phenomenon is happening in our home.....

My husband has been cooking!

We've been married 13 years and up until a year ago, he had only cooked a handful of times. And it was out of necessity not joy.

Well, about a year ago he decided to make HOMEMADE lasagna. I'm taking about from scratch....sauce and all! It was delicious. He has made it several more times and it keeps getting better. I couldn't believe he made it and did such a great job. Simply because I didn't think he had any desire to cook.

Then one day he said that he was going to cook dinner again. What? Really?! I'm totally cool with that. :-) He wouldn't tell me what he was making.
It turned out that he'd been "flipping through" a Better Homes and Garden magazine that I had laying around and thought that the recipe for Bacon Mac & Cheese looked delicious. Ummmhhhh. It was! (You can find the recipe online at

That began another string of perfecting the Bacon Mac & Cheese.

Now, I'm gonna be honest here. (I'm guessing he'll never read this, but if he does he totally knows me with money; so it's ok.) :-) I was a bit stressed about the cost of the items that he was making. I don't enjoy cooking very much and I'm not a big "foody" so I tend to go the cheapest possible route for most meals. Not a whole lot of love goes into most of my food. It's just how it is. I cook. I love to provide food for my family. I go through fazes, but trying new recipes is expensive. The exception to this is the Crock Pot. I really enjoy using it and I seem to like most everything that I make in it. I got on a kick last year and burnt Josh out on it a bit so I've laid off the Crock Pot a bit this year. I just really enjoy the smell it creates in the house. I love soup, stew, chili type things. Plus, you can put just about anything you have on hand in their and it turns it into something edible! :-)

Anyways, I was going to make Father's Day lunch. Steak and baked potatoes.
However, I like my steak charred and very well done. He likes his still mooing.
I've always had a hard time getting a piece of meat just how he likes it because it seems so "yucky" to me.
So he offered to make the steaks AND his Mac and Cheese. Ummmhhhh, that was the meal. But he seems to really enjoy this new found gift that he has discovered. He's really good at it. Why? I'm not sure where the  culinary desire is coming from but I believe that he enjoys blessing us with food that he makes and it tastes better than mine because he puts a lot of time and love into.

The reality is that I will still cook most of the meals, but it's nice to have a break every once in a while. It's also nice to eat food that has been prepared by someone else! :-) Perhaps it's just a season, but I'm hoping it sticks around!

I did manage to spend Saturday night making a pretty yummy replica of the Cheesecake Factory's Red Velvet Cheesecake however. The assembly went a little haywire, but the taste was delicious! yay

Does your husband ever cook?
Does he cook better than you? I'm discovering that mine does! AND I'm totally cool with that! :-)

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  1. That is pretty interesting that Josh has started to cook. Ken has no interest and doesn't cook - going out is more his style if I am for some reason unable to cook. But that is okay - I didn't marry him for his cooking skills. He does run the grill however.