Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Mother Matters

2 Kings 22 reminds me that a mother matters!

  • Josiah was eight years old when the became king.
  • His mother was Jedidah.
  • He did what was pleasing in the Lord's sight and followed the example of his ancestor David. 
  • He did not turn aside from doing right. 
As I read through 2 Kings 22, I couldn't help thinking of what a brave mother that Josiah had. She must have guarded his heart well. The previous two chapters talk about how wicked his grandfather, King Manessah, and father, King Amon, were. So wicked that God said that he would turn total destruction on Judah because of their sins.

Jedidah must have trained her son in private. She must have had a Godly upbringing that she wanted desperately to instill in her child. Why do I believe she was desperate? Because Judah wasn't a little wicked. It was miserably wicked. I do not believe there were moms' Scripture studies or support groups for homeschoolers. No. I believe that she knew the responsibility that lay squarely on her shoulders since her son would one day become the king. 

Would he follow the pattern of his father? His grandfather was a very wicked man who had greatly angered the Lord. She must have known all of this. She also must have know the Living God who had once delivered her people long ago from the hands of slavery. Her parents surely passed that down to her and now her desire was to pass that down to her son. No just any son. A son that would one day become king. 

That day came much sooner than she thought. Only two years into King Amon's reign he was killed. That left her 8 year old son, Josiah, to be king. Was she relived? Scared? Excited? Terrified? Determined? 
Who knows? How would you feel if your 8 year old son became king? I personally don't believe it would be the joy ride some may think. Especially back then. Woman did not have say in matters. Her son would have basically been handed over to the advisors of the land. Those that were his fathers advisors. Men that were wicked as he had been. An 8 year old boy with power and fame and surrounded by and being led by wicked men. It doesn't sound like a fairy tale to a Godly mother

My mind believes that she was a bit panicked thinking that she hadn't had enough time.
This is only speculation of course, but my heart things that she was a bit desperate for answers
How could this be happening so suddenly. If only she had had more time to train him
Was he ready? 
Would he listen to her any longer since he was now surrounded by "advisors" that she had no control over?
Perhaps she was overjoyed and rejoiced that his father had died when Josiah was so young so that his influence wouldn't rest on him any longer. Only God knows?

But one thing I am quite sure of.....

She must have prayed! A lot! 

Joshiah did what was pleasing in the Lord's sight. 
He began restoration on the Temple of the Lord. 
While doing that, Hilkiah, the Hight Priest, found the Book of the Law. (vs 8)
The Court Secretary, Shaphan, returned to the king and read it to him. 
King Johiah tore his clothes in despair (vs 11) and had his adviser, Asaiah, go to the Temple and speak to the Lord for him and the people of all Judah. (vs 13). 
God said He would keep His word to destroy Judah because of their wickedness. BUT because King Josiah had humbled himself and wept in repentance, God heard him and promised to not send disaster until after King Josiah had died. However, King Josiah didn't leave it at that. he began a Spiritual Reformation with all the people of Judah. 

Mothers make a difference. 
Mothers matter. 
Mothers can lead their children in the ways of the Lord even with wicked fathers. 
She, Jedidah, was the minority in Judah. 
Others were not following God. 
She must have felt frightened and alone yet strengthened by faith to raise up her son, Johiah, to be a Godly king. Unlike so many generations before him. 
Yes, fathers are supposed to be the spiritual leaders, but that is not always the case. So others must protect, pray over, teach, train, and guide their children toward Jesus. Not just give in to the circumstances that surround them! Even when fathers are leading the home in a Godly manner, mothers are instrumental and key in the daily ins and outs and character building process!!!

Lord, help me never give in to the world around me! Help me always remember that my children were born for Your purpose. Help me prioritize! Help me discipline well. Help me love purely. Help me instill Your law in their heart's. Oh God, I surely will mess them up! Speak through me. Help me mother them with excellence. I can't do this in my own strength or wisdom. Help me be like Jedidah who went against the culture and raised a God-honoring leader!

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